PROJECTS IN DETAIL Renzo Piano Building Workshop

High Museum of Art Expansion

Atlanta, U.S.A, 1999/2005


Author(s) Title Journal Issue Date Descending order Download
Sabulis, Tom High basks in glow of reviews
The Atlanta Journal Constitution 27-11-2005
Goodman, Brenda Atlanta Museum's New Pitch: Come for the Architecture, Stay for the Art
The New York Times 12-11-2005
Hawthorne, Christopher Sense of transparency
The Architectural Review 10-11-2005
McGuigan, Cathleen A light in the Piazza
Newsweek 07-11-2005
Farkas, Alessandra Atlanta, apre il museo creato da Piano: "Basta con gli shopping center dell'arte"
Il Corriere della Sera 04-11-2005
Fox, Catherine High Museum of Art Expanson
The Atlanta Journal Constitution 04-11-2005
Loos, Ted Lovely Museum. Mind if I redesign it for you ?
The New York Times 30-10-2005
Bucci, Stefano E il Louvre sbarcò ad Atlanta. Con Piano.
Il Corriere della Sera 21-11-2004
Fox, Catherine Defining the Woodruff's DNA
The Atlanta Journal Constitution 13-02-2000