PROJECTS IN DETAIL Renzo Piano Building Workshop


Classroom © Fondazione Renzo Piano; Ph: Stefano Goldberg - Publifoto Genova

The Foundation’s governing bodies include a Board of Directors, which is made up of ten members, as well as a Scientific Committee, made up of six members.

Board of Directors
Renzo Piano - President
Flavio Marano - Vice President and Secretary General
Milly Rossato Piano
Lia Piano
Carlo Piano
Matteo Piano
Giorgio Grandi (Partner RPBW)
Philippe Goubet (Partner RPBW)
Shunji Ishida (Partner RPBW)
Bernard Plattner (Partner RPBW)
Giorgio Bianchi (until 2009)
Alain Vincent (until 2009)

Scholarly Board
Olivier Cinqualbre (Curator of the Centre Pompidou)
Luis Fernández-Galiano (Director Arquitectura Viva)
Andrea D’Angelo (Professor, Faculty of Jurisprudence UNIGE)
Fulvio Irace (Professor, Milan Polytechnic)
Guido Rossi (Professor, Université Luigi Bocconi)
Italo Porcile (Municipal Councilor, City of Genoa)
Stefano Fera until 2010 (Stefano Fera Architect)
Carlo Giordanetti until 2010 (Creative Director Swatch)
Franco Origoni until 2011 (Origoni Steiner architects)

External Auditor
Paolo Torrazza

Milly Rossato Piano - Director of Educational Programs and Conservation
Lia Piano - Director of Editorial Programs
Chiara Bennati - Traditional archives
Nicoletta Durante - Traditional archives
Giovanna Giusto - Communications
Giovanna Langasco – Digital archives(RPBW)
Antonio Porcile - Accounts(RPBW)
One university student on a semestral internship


The Renzo Piano Foundation is primarily funded by donations from Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Furthermore, the proceeds from the production rights and the use of the archival material for exhibitions and publications are used to sustain the programs and activities of the Renzo Piano Foundation, including scholarships.