PROJECTS IN DETAIL Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Visits and teaching

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With the aim of enabling young people to understand the architect’s complex craft and the hope of bringing university students closer to a way of creating architecture that is concerned with the “art and technique of building,” the Foundation organizes various initiatives, divided by age groups: talks, meetings, workshops and visits to the archives.

The Foundation organizes programs and workshops to suit different age groups.
For primary and secondary school children, the visits focus on presenting the architect’s craft, discovering the archive and above all the modeling workshop.
For upper school and university students, visits are conducted by an RPBW architect who recounts, often drawing on personal experiences, the complex history of one or more projects or describes a project theme, as requested by the teachers.

Since 2009 the Foundation has worked with the Association of the Friends of the Festival of Science in Genoa, hosting some 200 students from all over Liguria and from all types of schools. Each year, in keeping with the festival theme, the Foundation organizes workshops and presentations run by its own staff and architects from the RPBW office.

Visits could be reserved by teachers and professors by sending an email to, containing in the subject “Visit Request”.